Mazzotti Anatomy Conference (MAC) 2022 Explore the beauty of the human form as the artist-anatomist Leonardo da Vinci did 500 years ago through dissection or through a Survey of Anatomy course learning from cadaver pro-sections.

MAC Scholarship DonationsThank you to all who support these wonderful students.

The Facility
The laboratory is designed as excellent space to learn from expertly dissected human cadavers, and when appropriate it also allows for dissection experience. We offer conferences, workshops and courses that range in duration from hours to weeks and in experience from complete dissection, to the study of expertly dissected pro-sections.  Whether it is for leaning new material, a review or for continuing education experience, our experts can help. The conference center provides locker rooms with showers, limited housing if necessary and The Grand Room in the adjoining building can offer meal service. 
For Universities and schools, we are willing to coordinate with your faculty the regions and amount of information and detail to be covered, which can vary from from pre-college, the fine arts, massage therapy, allied health, medical/dental school to the surgical level. Pre- and post- testing for assessment is readily available.

Universities and Faculty that have approved student participation.