***NEW….Mazzotti Anatomy Conference – Survey of Anatomy Short Course September 5-12.

If you want the chance to learn anatomy, but do not have the time, finances or interest to do the dissections yourselves, we may have the perfect answer for you.

Fill out a SHORT COURSE interest survey to be contacted regarding the September possibilities.

During the MAC conferences we have many Pro-Sections and well dissected anatomical structures that can be extremely informative. Occasionally there may be additional areas to dissect, but that would be something we cannot guarantee.

The MAC-SA Short Course experience is unique is a complete survey of Human Anatomy. Every session consists of a pro-section presentation followed by hands-on study of dissected human cadavers by anatomical regions as is protocol in medical schools in the United States. Scrubs, materials, supplies,  most meals, accommodations, and activities are included. All academic activities are performed in our laboratory located at The Charter Place, in Buffalo, NY. Hard work and exams will be awarded with a certificate of completion. This is a survey course and does not include extensive dissection experiences. There may be an ability to perform some limited dissection and suture practice will be available. 

Accommodations are included in conference fees. You will be sharing a room. Each may choose one room-mate, the others will be assigned based on registration survey results. Little time will be allotted for sleeping.

            The participants will stay at The Charter Place with several bunk beds per room, nice shower facilities, and lounging areas inside and out. There is a large video screen, musical instruments, basketball, ping-pong and Karaoke. Most meals are included unless there is an offsite activity or free time. It is near a large park for running, golf, tennis, a zoo, restaurants, shops and a movie theater.

Applicants will begin the registration process upon their university and Chartered Professors approval. Tutors in Italy and administrators in Buffalo will assist with conference coordination. Airfare should not be purchased until the deposit is accepted. All students are required to obtain health insurance and we strongly suggest travel insurance. The 2024 fee is $1675.