After Mazzotti 2019

….this was a really unique and life changing experience. Having the chance to go deep into anatomy, as we did, doesn’t only give students the chance to have a better understanding of the human body, but to be aware of its complexity and beauty under a different point of view. We touched with hands what usually remains written on pages, we saw it become real and concrete. Elena Bagalà, University of Pisa.

….A few days ago one of the most enriching experience of our lives ended up. We are all so sad about it but at the same time we feel blessed for having had the chance to touch anatomy with our hands and for having done this in a country we already fell in love with. Being there for 2 weeks taught us a lot. Not only we consolidated our knowledge but also we learned a lot, like how it feels to live together and respect each other, sharing our spaces and habits. This experience enhanced a lot our friendship and helped us knowing each other far deeper. We are so grateful about this and would definitely do that again and recommend whoever works in a medical field or study medicine to embrace this amazing journey. Giorgia Lampitella, Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

The Mazzotti Conference was an incredible experience because we got to put everything that we’ve learned in our anatomy classes in Italy into practice. I have lifelong memories from this conference that I will cherish forever. Thank you Mazzotti conference for all the cadaver practice, the great times, and for giving me lifelong friends! 
Ludovica Garro from Sapienza università di Roma