Mazzotti 2019

Each year the program evolves to meet student needs.  Although 2020 will be slightly different, The Tenth Annual Professor Giovanni Mazzotti Anatomy Conference ran as follows:

(July 11-July 30, 2019 at The Charter Place in Buffalo, at capacity)

(July 22 – August 4, 2019 at Gannon University, at capacity)

(July 22 – August 10, 2019 at Gannon University until August 4 and then at the Charter Place in Buffalo, at capacity)

(August 10 – August 26, 2019 at The Charter Place in Buffalo, at capacity)

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It was discovered that some medical students do not experience actual dissection, and it may be many years before some medical schools are equipped to provide these experiences. For 2019 Chartered Professors, LLC served students from nine different European medical schools.

This program has earned the international recognition and praise. The conference is named for our champion, the President of the Bologna Medical School and of the European Federation for Experimental Morphology, the late Professor Giovanni Mazzotti. It was his hope to invite the best students from each of the Italian medical schools to study with us. Each year, hundreds of students apply to attend this program.

The University of Bologna is recognized worldwide to be the oldest public medical school in the world going back to the year 1088. The city statutes for medicine date back to the year 1378. The pride the University has for their museums and importance they place on anatomy is unsurpassed. In addition to dissection, our program also provides participants with experiences exposing them to our medical professions, education, American health care, and insight into research and the American Medical model.

A research component is present. Some students may try to determine the cause of death of their cadaver; others may compare and contrast specific systems of the cadavers.

Chartered Professors, LLC offers the largest dissection program in the world for these students. Students receive certificates of “conference completion” with the top scoring students obtaining a certificate with honors. Many of these students are selected as the tutors for anatomy in their respective universities.

Pre- and post-conference exams are used to assess the effect dissection has on their learning of anatomy.

Activities and Plans

The students will perform the dissections on the human cadavers.

In addition to dissections, there will be presentations from health care professionals and American health care policy experts to help them understand the roles of American health care professions. Students will go to the Medical School at the University of Buffalo (UB), the UB medical school library, UPMC Hamot Hospital and other medical institutions provided tours and lectures.

Campus Life in 2019
• Students stayed in the apartments or hostel style housing.
• Students had access to recreation facilities or parks.
• All laboratory supplies and clothing were provided.
• Transportation from Toronto airport, and to Toronto was be provided (if the students travel through Toronto).

Students also experience activities like beaches, Shakespeare in the park, outdoor music and festivals, the Miss Buffalo boat tour, and many free music venues and whatever else we can come up with to show them American hospitality. Transportation for trips to Niagara Falls and New York City may be planned at no extra charge.