Mazzotti Anatomy Conference (MAC 2020) July 10 — July 27 (G1) or July 27 — August 13 (G2)

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The Experience of a Lifetime!

Mazzotti Anatomy Conferences

(MACs) began in 2010 earning international recognition and praise. Named for the President of the Bologna Medical School and of the European Federation for Experimental Morphology, the late Professor Giovanni Mazzotti hoped to invite the best students from each of the Italian medical schools to participate. Each year, hundreds of students apply and over 1000 have participated in our two to three week programs.

In addition to 100 hours of dissection, participants learn about American medical professions, education, and health care. Some may determine the cause of death; others compare and contrast specific systems of the cadavers. Pre- and post-conference exams are used to assess the effect dissection has on their learning of anatomy.

Academic Activities

Each year the MAC experience is unique, however it always includes pre-dissection lectures, a pro-section presentation, scrubs, materials and supplies, complete cadaver dissection, accommodations, and many meals and activities. All dissection will occur at our laboratory located at The Charter Place, in Buffalo, NY. There are medical professionals that provide lectures, demonstrations and tours of facilities, as well as answer questions of participants. Hard work and exams will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.

Cultural Activities

This is a conference like no other, be prepared to leave your comfort zone. We welcome those with an open mind — excited to master anatomy but also to master English, try new food, befriend new people, enjoy unfamiliar music and venues and remain pleasant with little or no sleep.  Be prepared for schedule adjustments due to a change in weather or better opportunities arising.

There will be organized activities for all students included in the conference fees. Together we will spend time at the beaches of the Great Lakes, enjoy concerts, sporting events, parties, cultural events and a have a free day to explore Niagara Falls. There will also be opportunities to go to restaurants, shop, play sports, sing, dance, play music, exercise, cook, explore the city and to really get to know each other and form life-long friendships.

Accommodations and Meals

Accommodations will be provided during the conference; housing assignments will be based on survey information. Each participant will share a room with 4 – 10 other participants. Each participant may choose one roommate, other roommates will be assigned. Not much time will be spent sleeping.

About half of the participants will stay in hostel housing at The Charter Place with 3-5 bunk beds per room. For this group, most meals are included (unless there is an offsite activity or free time). The location is near a large park for running, zoo, many restaurants, and a movie theater. Others will stay six in a room at a hotel with hot breakfast provided and kitchen in each room about 6 Km from The Charter Place on a bus line. Transportation to and from The Charter Place will vary, some enjoy the walk/run, there will be vans or the bus. We will provide lunch, followed by afternoon dissection, returning to the hotel for dinner on your own. Some nights there will be evening activities and dinners for all.


Applicants will begin the registration process upon their university and Chartered Professors approval. Tutors in Italy and administrators in Buffalo will assist with conference coordination. Airfare should not be purchased until the is accepted. All students will be required to obtain health insurance and we suggest travel insurance to protect your investment.

The Charter Place

351 Tacoma Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14216

+ 1 (716) 507-9899

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